About Dobson InterWeb

I jumped around from job to job after my formal education ended. In my spare time I discovered the internet just like many other people because it was new and exciting (not brand new, but still young). After a while my interest in websites grew from, "wow, that's neat," to, "I wonder how they do that."

Curiosity eventually got the better of me when a family member gave me an old copy of an HTML book that wasn't being used. I started to read the book and work through the exercises. Within no time I had my first (very basic) website up and running. It was glorious, but static. There was no interaction, but it was a website...and it was mine.

For years I "played around" and tried to see what could be done. I experimented with bits of code, learned more HTML, got introduced to PHP (increases interaction), and bits of JavaScript. As I learned more about web technologies I couldn't understand why some companies had the website they had. I thought that if people were being paid to produce something that I KNEW I could build why shouldn't I turn my enjoyable hobby into my carrier.

That brings us to today. If you are here reading about me then I have done something correct. It might be in the form of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a referral from a satisfied customer, or because I bid on a project. Either way, this website is my resume. There might be some things on the site that don't necessarily make sense why they are here, but ultimately they are a showcase of what might be possible in the website that you are looking to have created. As people's expectations grow it is becoming more important to showcase content in one easy to find location.

Please look around. I look forward to discussing any opportunities with you soon.