Keep on Truckin'

You can't get anywhere if your wheels keep spinning.
It seems like there are so many projects that get created in a given day that they just pile up. Whether it's pet projects of my own, or simply trying to drum up business. It seems like whenever I'm going to sleep on a given day the last thought I have is wishing I had more time. It's one thing to be a small business owner knowing the entire business rests on your shoulders, but it is a completely different animal when that business is being created while there is still a family and another job to tend to.
Continuing with the analogy of having something on your shoulders...
I got interrupted writing this blog post (hence the dots). That's what happens when you're trying to get a new business off the ground, working full time, family obligations, etc. While life was happening I thought, "I need to be more vigilant." I had awesome ideas of adding to the blog post until looking up the word. The best applicable definition I could find was Pathology. insomnia., which bummed me out.
After thinking a while I came to the conclusion that every time I had big goals in the past I ended up getting a little sleep deprived working towards a given goal. Considering my current state I am well on my way.
The real word I should have been thinking about is dedicate. I need to make sure I am dedicated to my goals. I need to make sure I am dedicated to my family. This dedication isn't just short term either. It's working today to build a future down the road. The wheels might still be spinning, but sooner or later they will grab some traction and my trip on the road to success will speed up.
So, to all those one's of people reading this, Keep on Truckin'